Cindy Ishoy and Dynasty

" This method makes total sense.  It is based on a solid foundation in German classical riding and uses innovate ideas from the field of neuro-muscular programming, more specifically the Feldenkrais Method. Traditionally, longe lessons and school masters play a large role in teaching a rider about feeling and the correct seat. These days, people don't easily have  access to lunge lessons or true schoolmasters. This is what makes Dave’s work so great! Riders can in the comfort of their own home, learn through feeling, about moving their bodies in a supple, flowing yet effective way.  They can then replicate this feeling while riding, avoiding unnecessary mistakes and lost time due to tension and misunderstandings between horse and rider. The method also serves to improve already great riders and horses.  Also,  I would definitely add that it can help injured riders as well.  "


Cindy Ishoy

4X Olympian from Canada 

Team Dressage Bronze Medalist, 4th Individual, ‘88 Seoul Olympics

5-Module home study course for riders of all levels. 

This course is was originally designed to improve your sitting trot.  It will do that, but riders loved the course so much we're now offering it as a general seat improvement course!