A riding lesson or a personalized unmounted Feldenkrais® lesson, you choose! 

Technology is wonderful isn't it? Have a live lesson with Dave from anywhere in the world!

All you need is a smart phone, good data coverage or wifi. Somone will film you while you ride and you will wear a two way speaking blue tooth.   These lessons are 40 minutes long and you will have an additional 5 minutes to discuss and ask questions. 

WHAT YOU WILL NEED: A smartphone, a reliable internet connection (data plan or WiFi), a bluetooth earpiece or headset that will work for the distance required. If you choose to use a speaker, please ensure you can hear from the other end of the arena when riding. Don't forget, you will need a camera man or woman!


OR We can use Pixem/Pixio if you have that!




COST:  First session (1 hr): $175 USD.     Follow-ups: $150.00 USD for 45-min

Scheduling is finalized Sunday for the week ahead. E-lessons are generally available before Dave's regular day, Tues-Saturday 7-9 am EST and Tues and Thursday 6-9 pm (European students, we are 6 hours behind).  Other times are available but please check prior to payment. All payments must be complete 48-hours prior to the lesson or it will be cancelled. Lessons cancelled with less than 48 hours notice will be charged. 

PAYMENT: Please send payment via PayPal to Please send via PayPal friends to avoid fees. 

Once payment has been completed, please email to schedule a time. 

REFUNDS: No refunds, but we can reschedule if you notify us before 48 hours.