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Improve Your Riding From Home! DTM lessons, live on zoom!

$279.00 USD

We will tackle difficult to overcome position and seat issues in a clear and direct way, giving you results normally only attained with expert longe lessons.

Dates / Time 


Mondays at 12 PM EST / 9 AM PACIFIC, 6 PM (18:00) Central Europe, 5PM U.K.


About the Event

No matter your level of riding or experience with DTM/Feldenkrais, this course will heighten your current level of riding and overall biomechanics.



A fun, relaxing and informative series of 6-classes to Improve Your Riding from Home!


If you are new and would like to ask questions before signing up, please join and post your questions to our student's only Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/744761582959942


Reserve your spot today, get the early bird pricing and classes are less than $30 each.  This is quite the value considering the potential of what can be learned!  We all have the potential for improvement of how we move, sit and ride. If available, individual classes will be $60 each.


Each 50-minute to 1-hour long class will be followed by Community Q&A with our participants - like minded riders across the world!




Stretch ourselves to new heights in our riding journey? This however is not a stretching or exercise class... Science tells us that the brain is in charge of basic muscle tone. Comparing a human to a string-puppet, it is not the strings that we wish to alter, but the controller of the strings, the brain.

Therefore, we do carefully designed lessons to show the brain how it could be beneficial to let go of certain tension patterns, permanently. A reset!

 As riders, certain patterns are made while we learn that never leave us, not completely. These patterns hide in plain sight, as the experienced rider develops ways to overcome these not ideal patterns with their will power and muscle tone. But there is another way! Whether it is gripping with the thighs, uneven contact, going "fetal" or even undesirable breathing and anxiety issues, these 6 DTM lessons will strive to help every rider that joins!


Students have reported amazing success stories by even doing just 1 DTM series, and many experience improvement and inspiration by joining all our classes!




Class is held every Monday from 


Mondays at 12 PM EST / 9 AM PACIFIC, 6 PM (18:00) Central Europe, 5PM U.K.


REGISTRATION DEADLINE: November 7 Midnight EST, or before if class fills



​​Videos available by the END of the series.  Before if possible. They are yours to keep!



Please check with your doctor before beginning any "exercise" program.

You recognize that classes are filmed, therefore you agree to be filmed OR you may leave your camera off. Students around the world have been asking for recordings of our classes.  Our Q & A period will not be filmed. However, up until this point, the recording is on and you may or not appear in the recording.

 A few short comments from students after completing a recent series:

 Reet: I loved all lessons in different way. It helped my body to be much softer and I feel my horse much better.

 Nancy: I would feel so relaxed on my horse right now. My left leg grew 2 inches longer today. This course woke up so many parts of my body.

 Gina: Legs feel longer and softer. In this series, I have gained a more stable position and can communicate with him better.

 Therese: I would love to ride now,I feel like I would truly be one with my horse. Loved my series - was my favorite

Karen: My back feels strong but very flexible. My fav lesson was standing, lifting heel/toe. Had a major impact on my mind and body.

 Katie: The rides I have had in the last few weeks have been really great and these classes have brought me so much awareness of things! The shoulders blade lesson especially helped me.

Delli: It would be fun to just feel my horse now. I always enjoy the hip/pelvis movements but the spirals still amaze me how they work.

Catherine: My riding has felt stagnant for a few years, until I started these classes. Boy was my trainer in a state of shock when she saw me ride after a few classes! And my horse LOVES the new me.

Linda: I feel excited to ride now as I now have feeling in areas that were previously dormant. I feel more balanced. I have noticed how more relaxed in my riding. My trainer has noticed a big change.

 Kate: My lower back feels much more available and I feel longer. Would like to ride now…I also think my horse feels my looseness and is looser and more forward.

Carol: My hips & sacrum feel quite supple. I like the turning of the key idea, it seemed to help. The rib basket lesson REALLY helped my neck issues😀

 Dilara: My absolute favorite class was the pelvic clock with the soles of the feet touching. It was like my body was completely reprogrammed. My hips weren’t crunchy in the morning like they usually are!

 Nancy: The lesson on the swivel seat was most helpful in this class series. It helped my legs hang down better when turned.

 John: I would very much like to use these feelings on the horse. I have found that the feelings carry over without thinking about the specifics.

Deborah: Favorite parts are upper body control without stiffness.

Carol: These 6 classes helped me finally find freedom from chronic hip and back pain. Plus the method has improved my seat like no amount of lunge lessons could have done. So incredibly grateful.

Mary: I feel like this culminated in a cohesiveness in my body. In my lesson Tuesday for the first time I felt my horse wait for me to cue him. It was wonderful. My trainer was so happy.

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