$899. Endorsed by Christoph Hess, Charlotte Jorst, Shannon Dueck, Annabel Balkenhol, Marlies van Baalen, Cindy Ishoy and many more!

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60-Days to a Better Dressage Seat. DTM's Signature Program.

A Winning choice.

A proven and tried formula for your success. Made to fit your busy schedule. Flexible  - Complete in 60-90 days, and enjoy repeating as much as you wish.  Lifelong access. 

Start your learning and transformation today!

Dave and the DTM community are there to help you reach your goals! 

Your purchase includes:

  • UNLIMITED LIFETIME use of course material

  • Dave will personally answer your written questions about the course 

  • Private Facebook Group for Students 



Module 1

Unlock your Hip Joints and Swing With Your Back

Module 1 alone contains 6 video lessons​!  The lessons are short enough that you can work them into your day without much effort. 

Module 2

Filter and Redirect Your Horse's Movement 

Module 3

Fine Tune Turning Aids For Bending Lines and Lateral Work 

Module 4

A long Supple Spine & Supple Neck

Module 5

Posture,  Emotions and Finding Uprightness from Within

Enjoy life-time access and repeat often, always something new to learn each time you circle back to the same lesson.

Priority Access to Private Sessions with Dave Thind
You’ll have a chance to discuss the unique challenges you face in your riding and develop customized strategies to improve. Not included.

We think you will love it, but if you don't and you don’t experience a breakthrough in your seat and overall movement (in and out of the saddle) within 5 days of enrolling, simply request a refund.

10 Day Money Back Guarantee allows to do all of Module 1 ($299 value) risk free.

IMPORTANT INFO regarding guarantee. For our guarantee, you must complete the entirety of Module 1 and provide a 1 paragraph synopsis on what you learned from each lesson, and one sentence on how the lesson content can potentially help your riding.

You must send an email directly to [email protected] within 10 days to request a refund, along with your required proof of doing the work (Please take note, any successful refund will incur a 3% transaction fee for US customers or 6% for foreign transactions). Email subject: Refund Request

What People Are Saying:

Hi Dave! I have to tell you that after doing just part of Module 1, my horse and I have turned a corner. I can't believe it. I am able to sit the trot and canter so much better. Because I'm relaxing my hips and back more, he's giving me his back. I can feel him pushing with his hind end. I also have never known what some things actually feel like - i.e. "hold the horse with your back" or "influence the horse with your core"... now I do - I believe in part because of your session and my ability to be more aware of my body. OMG OMG OMG I've been riding my entire life - most of it in dressage. This is life changing for me.

Lori Elrod, Adult Amateur Dressage and Event Rider, NY

To all my fellow riders, I encourage you to check this out! Following this program has helped me ride with better alignment and self-awareness. Even better, it has relieved some of my chronic hip and neck pain!

Susan Buchanan, "S" judge, MA

This program changed my seat and riding completely! It helped me go from a second level rider to successfully competing at PSG (on the same horse), in less than a year! If you are looking to have a better seat, better connection and better communication with your horse, this is a wonderful tool!

Kristinann Janishefski

After the 60-day course, which was not physically difficult by the way, I have so much more awareness of where I am in space and what my body parts are doing. I also find it so much easier to influence my horses to straighten them and change their posture. I still have a lot of learning ahead, but I feel like DTM has given me an incredible tool for body awareness and improved riding without getting in my own way by trying too hard. The most interesting thing to me is how little physical effort DTM/Feldenkrais takes compared to something like yoga or Pilates but how much it has helped my body control and coordination. Thanks so much for this wonderful resource-my seat has never been better or more effective!

Kimberly Gothberg, OH, USA

The Feldenkrais Method has not only helped me out of chronic pain but improved my riding tremendously through reducing tension and increasing suppleness, while highly increasing my body awareness! This course might help you.

Felicitas von Neumann-Cosel

This method makes total sense. It is based on a solid foundation in German classical riding and uses innovate ideas from the field of neuro-muscular programming, more specifically the Feldenkrais Method. Traditionally, longe lessons and school masters played a large role in teaching a rider about feeling and the correct seat. These days, people don't easily have access to longe lessons or true schoolmasters. This is what makes Dave’s work so great!

Cindy Ishoy, Olympic Silver Medalist

In my early work with Dave, I remember really being fascinated by the concept and the feeling of being tall and upright without working hard. Amazing! I was delighted to give up working hard to sit up and keep my shoulders back. His courses have catapulted my riding in a direction that I am very happy with and I am much more supple in my body, both when riding and in my daily life.

Charlotte Jorst

Dave is an expert on schooling riders. He is brilliant in teaching the correct rider’s position in a friendly and positive way and his students have good positions in the saddle - he himself also! I suggest that many of us should use the opportunity to train with Dave. Dave‘s training will make you happy and especially your horses happy. A smooth sitting rider who is swinging into the horses’ movements is a horseman/horsewoman. This is important for the welfare of the horse. The better the rider’s position the happier the horse - and Dave helps his clients achieve good positions.

Christoph Hess