SITTING TROT AND GENERAL SEAT COURSE  - Learn Through Body Awarenss and exploring movement. Rewire connections within your body.


5 Modules include audio and video. 


A 5 module course, 1-2 hours per week.  If you need to skip a week, that is no problem. Recomended to complete the lessons at home over 5-8 weeks.  Many students report using at least one of the recordings weekly, even after they are done with the course.  


  • Make major improvements with your riding for less than the price of most weekend clinics! Recommended by Olympians, National Champions and Adult Amateurs. Biomechanically sound advice, approved by equestrians that are Medical Doctors, Chiropractors, Osteopaths and Veterinarians.




"A Good Seat Moves, Perfecting Your Sitting Trot" an online, audio and video recording based 5-week training.


Check out what students have been saying AFTER 1 week od doing MODULE 1.  Yes only 1 week!


  • "Hello Dave, I feel so fortunate to have signed up for your online seat training course. I love the body awareness and movement re-training exercises. I went through all of week one exercises twice, and am feeling less back and hip pain, and yesterday I did most of my trot work in sitting trot--following my horse much more instead of against him! My trainer is very impressed with what is happening to my body! Not only can I follow my horse better, I'm straighter! I have a history of collapsing to the right and this has almost magically disappeared, my trainer confirmed it. My horse of course feels lighter, more engaged from behind, I can ride him more forward but maintain balance and I'm finding self carriage. I just went through the first lesson for the second week, and feel amazing. So much taller, aligned, self-aware. I can't wait until my riding lesson tomorrow.... I have to say that I normally get off from riding feeling a bit sore in the hips, but not these last rides. In fact, I feel great, almost felt like dancing after jumping off! Even taking a stroll in the grocery store after riding, I realized how comfortable I actually am. I've never considered myself someone with good proprioception. But, not only do I now feel my body better while riding (even while listening to the demands of my trainer from my earpiece), I find myself noticing how things in daily life. For example, how I shift weight etc. while lifting my arm to brush my teeth. I've lived in this body for 64-years and never before have I truly inhabited it like I am doing now. It's unbelievable how much change is occurring, I'm not exactly sure the science behind it, but I don't care:-)I have ridden most of my life, and now I have a 9 year old Hanoverian gelding that I bought and imported in June 2017.  My goal is to eventually get my bronze medal, so mastering sitting his trot is very high on my list! I have been riding dressage for approximately 12 years. I very much look look forward to continue my learning with the help of your online course. Thank you so much for making your lessons available to us. You are an incredible instructor. "  Lesley Armstrong, IL, USA





"Dave, Thanks for doing this class, I’m greatly enjoying the experience. Today was an exciting day. I mean, wind blowing, rain and cold. My horse had a low startle threshold. Had a nice ride. Complimenting myself on how well I rode then asking myself why? OMG!! It’s Dave's course! Only week one and already improved." Barbara Noble, WA, USA



"Really felt a difference in the fluidity in my pelvis afterwards.  Thanks!" Wendy Waegell, MA, USA 



"The lessons do seem to be helping! I didn't realize just how tight my lower back and pelvic area has gotten. Also my sciatica was starting to flare up, which usually gets pretty unbearable and lasts a week or two, but this time it didn't progress as usual, and went away on its own with no muscle relaxers or steroids, which I can only assume is because of the lesson, so I'm pretty excited about that!"Jen Wilson, MA, USA (severe injury after a horse fell on her in an Advanced event, breaking her pelvis among other things).



"This is so useful, both for the body and the riding. I like especially like that there is a clear focus on how this helps our feeling of sitting in the saddle. I also like the scanning of the body - very awareness raising :-) I had to be careful this first time - my body is stiff like a crowbar :-) But I feel this training can make me smoother in and out of the saddle :-)

And your voice is so calming :-) Thank you!" Astrid Lien, NORWAY


So what makes this course so special? This harmonious hybrid of the famous work of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais combined with Dave's expert classical dressage and biomechanics background will elevate every level of rider's balance, body awareness, symmetry, suppleness, possible pain relief and mental awareness of movement.


This exclusive online course is led by German certified Trainer-A, Dave Thind, who has developed this easily accessible, home study, online training to help riders improve their seat, feel and overall communication with their horses. Dave has been teaching clinics in his method, the "Dave Thind Method (DTM)," across the United States, Canada, and many European countries for over 15 years.  But now, from the comfort of home, participants can easily learn. Rather than a standard way of teaching, students practice isolated movements and body awareness exercises tailored to the dressage rider to hone their skills.  


Based on classical riding and the work of Moshe Feldenkrais. Using his coined "Dave Thind Method (DTM),"  participants practice isolated movements and body awareness exercises tailored to the dressage rider to hone their skills from the comfort of home.  


"Feldenkrais said, 'To make the impossible possible, the possible easy, the easy beautiful' and this is what we aim to achieve for our participants," explained coach Dave Thind at his farm in Walpole, MA. 


Dave tackles the topic of perfecting the sitting trot with "A Good Seat Moves" where participants are taught unique seat and core exercises and are introduced to Moshe Feldenkrais' world-renowned work in movement re-education and neuroscience. 



  • If after trying Module 1 for three full days, if isn't for you, simply let us know and you will issue a refund minus 20 percent.  And you get to keep module 1.