Dave will work with you for 45-min in his studio at Aspire Farm. These sessions are also available at a DTM clinic.  All sessions begin with the student doing a body scan, to learn how they take contact with the ground or firm table. 


Most people's self image (a map of one's body that serves as operating software) is not accurate. This obviously poses many problems. Using body awareness exercises to create a vivid self-image  (as close to reality as possible) you begin to operate as a better version of yourself! 

"When you know what you're doing you can do what you want" Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais


Seen here:

1. Canadian FEI rider Josiane Richer with before and after photo of a single session.

 Also hear her thoughts in the short clip!

Notice in the first photo, a pattern of a short right side.  This is the most obvioulsy seen in her arm length, leg length, distance from hip to armpit.  Also interesting is the way her head is placed.  Josiane reports that despite a long drive to Aiken after leaving Aspire Farm, the changes have stuck and she is also noticing a big change in her symetry and comfort levels both and and off horses. 


2. Kimmie Taylor, third level rider at a clinic in FL. Kimmie had been experiencing daily pain and crookedness while riding for some time.  See the incredible transformation within a 40 min session and hear her thoughts. Kimmie has been in touch and reports that the changes have lasted.


3. Diane at a clinic in Florida. Listen to her story of how she arrived in pain and spasm and how she felt after a short DTM lesson!


4. Lisa Seretto from MA wrote after a single sesson: "I have been struggling with my position due to hip pain from an old injury for a few years. Injections relieved most of the pain but my body's pattern for guarding against pain in the saddle caused crookedness. I had a sense of what was wrong but I could not improve. My stirrup leathers were 2 different lengths but I still didn't feel even. I arranged an unmounted session with Dave. I gained new insight into the cause of my problem. After that one session, I went to the barn. I warmed up without my stirrups and much to my surprise, once I picked them up I had to lengthen my right stirrup! It had been more than 2 years since my stirrup leathers were on the same holes. My legs felt soft and even and I sat quietly. It didn't require physical effort, I simply thought about the concepts Dave explained to me. Three days later I had a lesson. My trainer was delighted to see how relaxed I was. I am pretty sure that my horse was delighted too!"


Dave can also work with you remotley!


Live in person DTM unmounted lesson in Walpole, MA