Student Favorite!

"The disposition of the pelvis determines the degree of comfort and efficiency of serving as a bridge between the legs and the back"

"Continuing in an effort to overcome your body's resistance will not only make the movement unpleasant, but also reduce the efficiency. The organism does not tend to accept and use that which is perceived as uncomfortable and unsupportive"

"Your purpose is to accumulate enough experience of learning the new possibility and to find out how you can improve the quality of your movement".

"Surrender your weight more fully to the ground without futile work against it".

Dr. Ruthy Alon

(Lesson 5/6) from our Skeletal Strength workshop inspired by the life's work of Dr Ruthy Alon seems to have been a student favorite of those who attended the class.

And for those who went on to incorporate these teachings into their riding, for many it was a turning point in their riding.

Take a moment to reflect upon the powerful words below that Ruthy used to describe some of the work in this education.

Which resonate most with you?

How can these wise words help you and your own riding?

Can these words provide some insight in how to work with and train your horse?

Also during that same class (#5), we had an opportunity to share thoughts/emotions/feelings that we experienced while focusing on the movement and how we experience our pelvis.

We thought we would share some of the adjectives that our students used to describe how they “felt” their pelvis post class. For many, this was not only an eye opening experience to really tap into how this