Dave Thind has teamed up with the following sponsors because
he believes they offer only the very best.

“Thanks to Ogilvy Equestrian, our horses at Aspire Farm are outfitted with the very best saddle pads on the market. Cutting-edge styles and technology give these pads the luxurious look and feel that is obvious in Ogilvy products. Not made overseas.”


“Thinline is well known for their unique and very effective product line.  While we are already covered for saddle pads, Thinline is our choice for an array of items including their ultra comfortable reins and top class protection boots. In particular, the reins give such a good feeling, the rider can´t help but find a better contact and connection! It is simple, the rider feels good and then the horse feels good, the cycle continues. ”

"After an extensive around the world search for a saddle that meets every demand from horse and rider, finally we found Equipe!  Charlotte Dujardin has obtained international success including breaking world-records, winning Individual Gold at the London Olympics aboard Valegro in Equipe saddles." Dave is trained as an Equipe saddle fitter. 

"Triple Crown makes it easy for any stable to feed a high calibre feed to their horses. Personally, I love their Naturals feed as it is GMO free and most importantly free of corn and soy. Hats off to Triple Crown for producing this important option that meets the demands of our times."


"I trust my head with Uvex helmets.  Not only do I feel good knowing that the German technology behind their products is of the highest standards, I also know that Uvex meet and surpass stringent testing requirements. They look great and breath well, even on the hottest of days. Uvex also produces excellent quality riding gloves and protects your eyes with shades." 


"I've trusted this brand for as long as I can remember.  Sure I've tried bits offered by Sprenger's competitors, but nothing comes close.  Top quality, made in Germany from the pioneers and innovators of the industry.  My horses are happy and work well in their body " Dave is a Certified Sprenger Bit Fitter