6 classes, February 7 - March 13

Wednesdays 12 pm EST / 18:00 


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6 classes, October 2 - November 6

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As Seen In...

As Seen In...

Starts February 7!


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6 Consecutive Wednesdays 

February 7 - March 13

12pm EST / 18:00 Europe (EST time change on March 10)

Space is limited. Riders of all levels are welcome. 

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This is always the case when it comes to riding with more feel, and almost always the case in Feldenkrais. All the more reason to make this important subject our theme!


Canadian Team rider Shannon Dueck recently stated

"Dave Thind has been helping me too. Small things make huge differences!!!"


Whether you are an elite rider like Shannon, or someone who  wishes to address stiffness and asymmetry while developing more feel, this will help and provide you with lasting tools.

Chronic Pain?

Many riders have it. These types of subtle lessons will give you tools to prevent future issues as well as help you find freedom from existing issues. If you are experiencing chronic pain, this series is gentle enough to join as long as you practice self-care and discuss your issue with Dave. Please always consult with  your professional.


  •  Enjoy delightful small nuances in movement exploration throughout the series,  nothing will be strenuous (please be able to get up and down from the ground).
  • Through this exploration, you will learn about "when you know what you are doing, you can do what you want." Much of what you do is already super! Perhaps better on one side. Example right shoulder-in vs left shoulder in.   SO through Awareness Through Movement®, we discover the pieces of our habits and what we already do well and learn... Teaching ourselves with while bringing fresh new impulse to our skill of learning to learn. 
  • A 360 approach that will leave you feeling better, riding better, and overall moving and looking better. Expect to feel more positive - "biological optimism".
  • Become more symmetrical, balanced, supple and easily be able to do what you want - on both sides. 
  • The material is foundational on many levels, and will work with your nervous system in a gentle and respectful way that encourages your innate intelligence to make better choices, perhaps reset after an old injury or whatever  Eason is behind your habits. 


Recordings Included

Recordings of the classes will be available but to benefit fully, you should attend all classes and you are encouraged to ask questions.

For your personal use, you may wish to document your riding with video as well.


Even the world's elite riders continue to work on their seat.

This self-work is for the mere satisfaction of self-care and self-improvement but also for their craft - to be able to better feel, supple and train their horses. 

They know this work is crucial, exciting and rewarding. 

Since less is more will help hone your feeling and correction application of aiids, these specific DTM Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement® lessons will improve your communication and relationship with your horses.

Sometimes our bodies seem to work against us, and unless something changes, these  struggles don’t just go away — often they intensify, stealing away the pleasure of your ride, and disrupting the harmonious connection with your horse.

Whether you're a professional or amateur, we call have dreams and goals including better performance while meeting classical objectives such as better biomechanics and more harmony and enhanced communication with our horses. This course will help you achieve those dreams and goals. 

Photo: Dave and White Star, photo of White Star at age 21. Before purchasing White Star at age 18, White Star was deemed unfit for riding by a top German vet clinic, with a successful rehab being deemed impossible. As an added plus, Dave will share tips on how to deal with a horse whose body is shut down because of incorrect and over demanding riding. The less is more approach towards riding and training various types of horses will be discussed. 

Learn to be gentle with yourself.  


Are you a perfectionist? Someone who works hard for success and improvement?


That is all fine. But some improvement happens with less. You have all experienced it while riding. Those accidental yet perfect flying changes... if only we could get that quality on demand we might say to ourselves! There is a way... 

We wish to understand your patterns, perhaps aet to the root of the problem. But with a less is more approach, you will hopefully amaze yourself with the improvements!

While doing the lessons, please do not focus on pain. And PLEASE do not self-judge or "fix".

We only wish to, in a neutral way, observe. Feldenkrais does not work by "fixing" and takes a very unique approach by "agreeing" with the nervous system, to better understand all the pieces that make a pattern and the function.

Next we provide choices, and leave it to the genius of your nervous system to do the reboot.  It is really quite magical. 

Before and After:  Stella-Sabrina Wittek at DTM clinic at Olympic Gold Medalist Klaus Balkenhol's stable in Germany. 

And from Belli Balkenhol: 
"I have to say I really was amazed!
In just short time he took away some of my pain I had in my back.
And after he treated me, I could see how my whole body position changed."


Using photos and video and mirrors  to track our improvement?


Normally we do not do this, and focus on feel. We will continue to focus on feel, but we are trying to emulate working with Dave 1-on1 to understand and resolve our personal questions and issues.

Someone will assist you to take photos of yourself standing and sitting on a flat stool (not every class, once before class one, and once again at the end of the series is sufficient).  Front, side and back. You may also wish to take a photo of a laying down scan, and additional make video of yourself riding. If you choose to make video, please ride the same horse, in the same tack, on the same line, with the camera at the same place.

These photos and even video are helpful to understand your patterns, and hopefully to amaze yourself with the improvements! PLEASE do not use your photos/video to self-judge or "fix". We only wish to, in a neutral way, observe. Feldenkrais does not work by "fixing" and takes a very unique approach by agreeing with the nervous system, to better understand all the pieces that make a pattern and the function. Next we provide choices, and leave it to the genius of your nervous system to do the reboot.  It is really quite magical. 


Group classes have their own benefits as opposed to privates, but because we are trying to emulate a 1-on-1 experience with Dave, here is special offer: EARLY-BIRD registrants that attend all 6 live classes, qualify to work with Dave 1-on1, and the first lesson will be at half-price. 

- To receive special offer: Must be an early-bird registrant (before September 4) and must attend all six classes. Must take private before December 20, no exceptions. 

Before and After: Stella-Sabrina Wittek at DTM clinic at Olympic Gold Medalist Klaus Balkenhol's stable in Germany. 

And from Belli Balkenhol: "
"I have to say I really was amazed!
In just short time he took away some of my pain I had in my back.
And after he treated me, I could see how my whole body position changed."
This series aims to emulate in-person work with Dave. 

  Our curriculum for this series is below, but first imagine this… your movements flowing effortlessly, a super seat, totally in sync with your horse. Your body feels capable, strong, natural, and gracefully while happily absorbing the concussive forces of each stride. You're not just reaching your performance goals — you're exceeding them.

You've unlocked a new level of riding, one that not only feels good but also looks spectacular! Sounds like a dream, doesn't it? Well, it doesn't have to be. 

Lesson 1:

4-Corners, 5 lines, and diagonal connections.  X We will explore dynamic movement within the body, restore symmetry and heighten your abilities to feel nuances with yourself and within your horse.

For many of you these words mean something, even if you know these concepts well, this opening lesson will set the tone for a new and improved version of you. 

From a top GP rider after doing this same lesson just last week:

"After the lesson, my problem side was much better on all horses. Everything was better including bend, collection, transitions, swing and my comfort! Thank you!"

Lesson 2:

We will clarify and improve by bringing last week's lesson to standing in a doorway. If you do not have a doorway that is fine. 

Both as a biped human, and as a seated rider.  Continuing to improve your system from the ground up! We will incorporate feet, hips, and we expect to improve function, comfort, suppleness and explore spirals of movement. You will find smoother, more effective yet more subtle  aids while riding. 

Lesson 3:


Lesson on Side 

More TBA

Lesson 4:

We incorporate what we have learned 🧠💪 and move on to leveling level our seat-bones and leveling our shoulders, like a measuring scale, working with our shoulders, sternum, ribs, shoulder blades, spine and how they relate to each other, to find self-carriage and better function.  BUT we must do this gently and with movement... so we will explore a classic with a twist (pun intended). Pelvic clock with rotation, using what we learned in lesson 3 for lateral movement and turning-aids. 

Lesson 5:

We will "warm up" with yet another version of pelvic clock. Next, we will go on to all four's to explore side bending, flexion, extension, rotation. Hopefully illuminating you with regards to your horse's biomechanics, but also leaving you supple in a way that only these primal lessons on all four can potentiate. . 



- Mat or carpet space (larger the better)

- Foam gardening pads or book for under your head

- A flat stool that is a comfortable height for you to sit on


Lesson 6:



What Sets Us Apart?

 Dave has 30 years of  experience in the horse world and has ridden to the GP level in both dressage and jumping. He is certified as a German Trainer A, and holds an International Trainer III passport. That background combined with his speciality in biomechanics and love to teach allows him to understand and help all riders, using the Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement® — a cutting-edge brain-rewiring method that enhances the connection between the brain and body through effective movement training, resulting in more efficient, effortless saddle ride. 

Sounds exciting, doesn't it?

"With the Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement® in this series,  I’ll help you understand your persona skeletal alignment, focusing on your abilities and showing you how to work your body, finding improvement without "correcting" or fixing". Your best version of yourself. You’ll recognize your own natural patterns of movement, in order to help you better do what you want to do, and  reduce any discomfort with every ride.  

You’ll be able to fine-tune your posture, boost your suppleness, and break down barriers.

Whether you just want to  be a little bit better, or you're struggling with posture/alignment or injury related pain/stiffness, our program is designed for dedicated riders — just like you."

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Despite two decades of experience, Dave continuously refines Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement® lessons for riders. He personally explores function-specific classes and gathers feedback from private clients. Crafting a beautiful outcome requires the art of selecting the right lessons and sequence.

Hear from our successful students who've already benefited from the curriculum you're about to encounter in this series.

Working with Dave was amazing. Starting with I normally wake up with some stiffness in my back, and I did not the next day!  In my riding, I was able to easily keep my shoulders level, my "shorter" leg now equally long and I easily found my eyes up, much better head-carriage and spinal decompression, giving me a much straighter and more efficient position. I was really happy about this! The first days after our session I thought a lot about my body, but now without thinking about it too much, I still feel positive results but definitely wish to explore more. And an update from one of my international students whom Dave also  worked with, the tools Dave gave us have made it much easier to correct her, and I think the riding is getting better with this! Highly recommended. 

- Carina Sholz, German Olympic Squad Rider. 

After first experiencing outstanding results for myself and then for my wife, this summer we organized a few clinics with Dave. He taught a group of young riders who were thrilled with the class and the trainers of these girls very happy with the results too. And then we had Dave teach a group class for our Professional Rider's club, and the results and feedback from these top riders (which included Olympians and national team riders) was so positive.  Many of the riders later worked successfully with Dave in private. From Dave's student's themselves to their trainers and chiropractors, everyone is impressed with the exceptional results that seem to be the "normal".  I think Dave will be even busier on his next trip, as there are many riders now eager to work with Dave. 

- Martin Stamkoetter, GP Rider and Trainer, Germany

An in incredible experience and so very helpful. It is as though he has x-ray vision of the riders, and horses. Dave is able to see the small problems immediately and in a positive and pedagogical way, he is able to make big improvements with small changes, equally helping top international riders or less advanced ones. The changes are not only structural or for beauty, but they bring out more softness, feeling and better movement in horse and rider. This really works, it is fun, even relaxing.  I am so happy, my trainer too. Naturally I think my horses are also.

- Uta Schmidt, Osteopath and Adult-Amateur, Germany 


Hear from Our Successful Students who've already benefited from the curriculum you're about to encounter in this series.

Meet Dave: Your Trusted Instructor on the Path to Masterful Riding

Dave, a lifelong equestrian and an expert in the Feldenkrais Method®, knows firsthand the struggles dressage riders face. From major injuries to frustrating stiffness, he's experienced it all and emerged stronger, thanks to his application of the Feldenkrais Method®.

With years in the horse world, each endeavor he took has been an incredible learning experience. Dave understands your challenges and dreams like no one else.

His passion? Sharing this transformative method with riders across the globe.

Whether you're battling discomfort or aiming for the next level of performance, he's dedicated to helping you achieve your dressage goals and transform your riding experience.

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