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DTM rider Charlotte Jorst enjoying a special moment with her stallion Galaxy. With Nintendo at CHIO Aachen 2021, the pair achieved their personal best in the freestyle - 79.105%.

"Dave's courses have catapulted my riding in a direction that I am very happy with and I am much more supple in my body, both when riding and in my daily life."


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Dave Thind Method is the breakthrough combination of Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement® and the German classical training system.

With DTM, you’ll awaken your body’s innate ability to ride softer, with greater feel and better results.

You’ll learn how to release the tension and “over-effort” that blocks the full expression of your horse’s talent.


I love the DTM focus on the pelvis which research shows is the key to riding success. His lessons will help all of us to reach our full potential in the saddle."

- Dr. Hilary Clayton, Veterinarian, Researcher and Rider 

DTM has helped me finally find freedom from chronic hip and back pain. Plus the method has improved my seat and feel like no amount of lunge lessons could have done. So incredibly grateful."

- Carol C., Adult Amateur

This method makes total sense.  It is based on a solid foundation in German classical riding and uses innovate ideas from the field of neuro-muscular programming, more specifically the Feldenkrais Method. Traditionally, longe lessons and school masters played a large role in teaching a rider about feeling and the correct seat. These days, people don't easily have access to longe lessons or true schoolmasters. This is what makes Dave’s work so great!"

- Cindy Ishoy, Olympic Silver Medalist, World Cup Rider and Canadian Hall of Fame Athlete.


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Online DTM Courses

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Incredible Value!

14-day Challenge

SALE! $199 $159

"No Stirrup November" Sale 


The intro course, is Module 1 of the 60 Days Program.  5 complete DTM lessons and tons of other learning.


A perfect way to get started, and will help riders of all levels.

Results in 14 days, but most students continue to use the lessons for months and years to come!  

The specialized mind/body training will yield results in and out of the saddle, for life!

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60-Day Transformation.

60-Days to a Better Dressage Seat!

SALE! $749


"No Stirrup November" Sale

In DTM’s signature 5-Module course, you’ll discover the essential keys to softer, effortless movement and FEELING in the saddle.



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For the perfectionist.

6-month Metamorphosis



Includes 60-Days to Improve Your Dressage Seat

Once monthly private or video review with Dave ($1050)

Includes 3 additional DTM courses

Month 3:DTM Skeletal Strength ($279)

Month 4: DTM Good Hands Solid On Your Feet & Supple in Your Seat($279)

Month 5: Lightness and Harmony ($279)

BONUS: Once you have completed the 6 months, to keep you going, you will not need new material BUT you will be given access to 3 more DTM courses!

DTM Youthful Body Tone, a DTM class for Strength, Stability & Springiness!

DTM Stretch Your Riding to the Next Level 

DTM Pelvic Floor Series 

All this material is yours to keep, and should keep you improving for years to come.


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3 Ways to Explore DTM


Take Our Signature Course

60-Days to a Better Dressage Seat; Gain that competitive edge and look and feel your best!

"No Stirrup" November SALE

Purchase our signature program, endorsed by top riders and trainers around the world including Christoph Hess, Charlotte Jorst, Shannon Dueck and more!

  • You’ll be guided every step of the way by Dave Thind’s encouraging voice as he leads you through 5 powerful DTM modules.
  • Discover the effects of DTM in your own body from your first lesson --- better posture, more effortless alignment, a sense of well-being and confidence.
  • Learn at your own pace, in the way that compliments your training schedule. Revisit favorite modules whenever you wish.
DTM Courses

Join a Live Zoom Class

FALL 2021


Nov.15- Dec. 20.      4pm EST, 20:00 Central Europe, 1PM Pacific 


Fall, Winter, Summer and Spring "Improve Your Riding From Home"

6-Week Series

Access the recordings if you miss class! 

  • Connect LIVE with riders around the world for a series of weekly DTM Feldenkrais® Awareness Through Movement classes
  • Inclusive and accessible class for riders of all levels and experience, but SPACE IS LIMITED
  • Enjoy LIVE Q&A following class with instructor Dave Thind
  • Deepen your learning, ask questions and share your experiences with DTM Student Facebook Group
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Book a Private Session

45 Minutes:
  • Work one-on-one with DTM Creator and German FN “Trainer A” Dave Thind.  Online, on or off your horse. 
  • Dave helps top FEI riders, aspiring professionals, Young Riders and anyone who wants to optimize their program and reach for the stars.
  • Progress faster with individually tailored Awareness Through Movement lessons (unmounted).
  • Connect Feldenkrais learning to your feeling in the saddle with private mounted DTM lessons focused on the finest of details that can translate to breakthroughs in your riding.
  • Video Reviews and homework.                              
  • Riders of any level experiencing pain that gets in the way of enjoying their passion can request an emergency session.
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Customer Feedback

What Riders Are Saying

I have experienced so many revelations from this class, so much richness reaped;  it has truly opened my eyes, heart and senses to other ways of being in relationship physically, mentally, and emotionally with myself and with my horses.

- Candace Platz, DVM & Grand Prix Rider, USA.

This is helping my riding so much. Today I had fantastic rides on both my boys. After a DTM lesson last night, I felt very free and fluid in my whole body and this is how the horses felt today. Today was the best canter work I have ever got with him I really felt that my upper body was moving properly with the rest of me. I got the most amazing trot too, piaffe and passage. He loved it. Everything felt very easy and effortless

- Sharon E., U.K.

I am really surprised at the feeling I have in my body since the first lesson.   I was surprised to realize that my right hip was higher and in front of my left one.  Now after 3 lessons, I have the feeling that it is almost equal!  And in the saddle, I am better in the canter and have never felt so straight!

- Caroline Genois, Canada

My riding has improved! My greener mare is now welcoming my rein connection better.   I am now able to support her, with light hands!  It seems like I can relax my pelvis better and my hands seem to feel the reins differently now. I feel too, that my anxiety is getting more under control.

- Delli, S, Adult Amateur, Canada

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