Pre-recorded, fun, easy to do, simple to to access, and made to fit even the busiest of schedules.  


60-Days to a Better Dressage Seat!

A Winning choice! Made to easily complete in 2 months.  But totally possible to take your time, and repeat as you wish.  Lifelong access. 

Become the Rider You Envision

Imagine a seat that’s soft and passive, yet in complete control.  A beautiful position. A seat with ideal skeletal and motor organization, elastic and spontaneous muscle usage, with no "extra" effort…. Now imagine a program that easily enables you to achieve this. Welcome to DTM’s signature course, “60 Days to a Better Dressage Seat.”

Risk Free. Guaranteed Results or Your Money Back.

“After the 60-day course, which was not physically difficult by the way, I have so much more awareness of where I am in space and what my body parts are doing. I also find it so much easier to influence my horses to straighten them and change their posture. I still have a lot of learning ahead, but I feel like DTM has given me an incredible tool for body awareness and improved riding without getting in my own way by trying too hard. The most interesting thing to me is how little physical effort DTM/Feldenkrais takes compared to something like yoga or Pilates but how much it has helped my body control and coordination.  Thanks so much for this wonderful resource-my seat has never been better or more effective!”

 – Kimberly Gothberg, OH, USA



Meet Your Instructor

Dave Thind guides you through this enjoyable and easy to do course, designed with a keen understanding of the challenges that face Dressage riders.  As an FEI professional himself, trained in the classical German system (Dave earned his Bereiter certification with a special “Trainer A” designation) and Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner®, Dave has helped thousands of riders, optimize their performance and unlock the tension and movement patterns that block riding progress. His approach is ground breaking and it works! 


“Hi Dave! I have to tell you that after doing just part of Module 1, my horse and I have turned a corner.  I can't believe it.  I am able to sit the trot and canter so much better.  Because I'm relaxing my hips and back more, he's giving me his back.  I can feel him pushing with his hind end.  I also have never known what some things actually feel like  - i.e. "hold the horse with your back" or "influence the horse with your core"... now I do - I believe in part because of your session and my ability to be more aware of my body. OMG OMG OMG  I've been riding my entire life - most of it in dressage.  This is life changing for me." 

 – Lori Elrod, Adult Amateur Eventer and Dressage rider, New York, USA


The Perfect Compliment to Your Training Program.   

For the price of a weekend clinic, this 60-day program will give your riding the breakthrough improvements you've been searching for. And because it’s focused on biomechanics and feeling, it’s an ideal compliment to any training program.

What You’ll Learn

5-Module course, you’ll discover the essential keys to softer, effortless movement and FEELING in the saddle. You will

  • Improve your biomechanics
  • Break through old performance barriers
  • Release pain through improved biomechanics
  • Reduce and take charge of anxiety 
  • Learn to let go of the tension that blocks your horse
  • Develop greater harmony with your horse
  • Rewire your mind-body connection
  • Discover suppleness, ease and effectiveness in your seat
  • As a bonus, you’ll experience better posture, biomechanics and enhanced comfort


Priority Access to Private Sessions with Dave Thind

You’ll have a chance to discuss the unique challenges you face in your riding and develop customized strategies to improve.  Not included. 


"Dave, I wanted to share with you that my instructor IMMEDIATELY commented on the improvement in my seat in our lesson last week. She said I looked so much more relaxed and connected to my horse. Thank you, thank you!!!"

-Angela C, Adult Amateur,  CA, USA


Guaranteed Results or Your Money Back

At DTM, we want you to experience the same thrilling results we hear about daily from students around the world. That’s why we offer a money back guarantee. If you don’t experience breakthroughs in your seat and overall movement in and out of the saddle, simply request a refund within 10 days of enrolling.


Harness the power of DTM in YOUR training program. Enroll today!


SALE: $699

10-day money back guarantee.





Because just about every rider can stand to be just a bit more supple!

A comfortable place to start with your DTM journey - NOTE: this is Module 1 of the 60 Days Program.  Purchase of this course does not give you a discount to purchase the full program. 
A learning packed intro course.
COURSE TUITION: $279  $199 


Start today, and start the New Year Right!

5 complete DTM lessons and tons of other great tools. 

Results in 14 days, but most students continue to use the lessons for months and years to come!  

The specialized mind/body training will yield results in and out of the saddle, for life!


At day 5, you would be less than half way through, but you will already know!

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Above Photo: Cindy Ishoy With Dynasty

"This method makes total sense.  It is based on a solid foundation in German classical riding and uses innovate ideas from the field of neuro-muscular programming, more specifically the Feldenkrais Method. Traditionally, longe lessons and school masters played a large role in teaching a rider about feeling and the correct seat. These days, people don't easily have access to longe lessons or true schoolmasters. This is what makes Dave’s work so great!"

- Cindy Ishoy, Olympic Silver Medalist, World Cup Rider and Canadian Hall of Fame Athlete.


" Hello Dave, I feel so fortunate to have signed up for your online seat training course. I went through all of Module 1 twice, and am feeling less back and hip pain, and yesterday I did most of my trot work in sitting trot--following my horse much more instead of against him! My trainer is very impressed with what is happening to my body! Not only can I follow my horse better, I'm straighter! I have a history of collapsing to the right and this has almost magically disappeared, my trainer confirmed it. My horse of course feels lighter, more engaged from behind, I can ride him more forward but maintain balance and I'm finding self carriage.  I just went through the first lesson of Module 2, I feel amazing. So much taller, aligned, self-aware. I can't wait until my riding lesson tomorrow.... I have to say that I normally get off from riding feeling a bit sore in the hips, but not these last rides. In fact, I feel great, almost felt like dancing after jumping off! Even taking a stroll in the grocery store after riding, I realized how comfortable I actually am. I've never considered myself someone with good proprioception. But, not only do I now feel my body better while riding (even while listening to the demands of my trainer from my earpiece), I find myself noticing how things in daily life. For example, how I shift weight etc. while lifting my arm to brush my teeth. I've lived in this body for 64-years and never before have I truly inhabited it like I am doing now. It's unbelievable how much change is occurring, I'm not exactly sure the science behind it, but I don't care:-)I have ridden most of my life, and now I have a 9 year old Hanoverian gelding that I imported i I very much look look forward to continue my learning with the help of your online course. Thank you so much for making your lessons available to us. You are an incredible instructor." – 

- Lesley Armstrong, IL, USA


6-month Metamorphosis for the perfectionist.

6-month Metamorphosis