Auditors are encouraged to attend and ask questions as they watch the process of improved performance using Dave’s system. Dave also teaches a variety of lectures and unmounted Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement ® ( DTM body awareness exercises).   

In addition to his expertise, Dave is well known for his energetic, positive, articulate, and thought provoking yet simple teaching style. "It doesn't have to be difficult."

Choose the Format That Works Best For Your Group 

From Training through International Grand Prix, Dave focuses on good basics while always taking an individual approach for each horse-rider team. Dave strictly adheres to the principles of the German classical training scale and short-cuts are not taken for the sake of short-lived success. Dave has the gift to impart knowledge to riders of all levels.


OPTION 1: Most Popular! A typical two-day clinic would consist of 8 X 45-minute private sessions per day. Each day starts with a 1 hr, group unmounted Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement  class.  Followed by traditional dressage lessons. 

1-2 Additional privates for Feldenkrais Functional Integration are available. 

3-day clinics are the same, yet feature an additional 1 hour lecture. For example, Training Scale Usage, Equine Biomechanics, or the subject of your choice. 

OPTION 2: Two-Day Summit. Perfect for adult camp or College Team! We will start each day with a working breakfast,  discussing on what we will work on that day. Next, a group Awareness Through Movement lesson.  No private lessons will be available, rather the riders are put into groups of 3-4 while the others will be encouraged to watch and ask questions. Two groups before lunch, and two after lunch.  The day will end with a Q & A period. 9 am-3pm.

Suggested format

Day 1: Seat 101

Day 2: Correct application of the aids, training according to the Training Scale, with focus on Rhythm, Relaxation and finding correct contact. 


OPTION 3: Symposium. Here the clinic is geared towards the audience. The preselected riders are demo riders and will experience unmounted work with Dave remotely prior to the clinic. The audience will experience interactive learning including demos, seated unmounted classes to improve a variety of riding problems and also powerpoint presentations on biomechanics.

OPTION 4: Remote Mini Clinic. Perfect for GMOs, colleges or off season barn activity!

Unique DTM classes to improve riding, without riding!. An opportunity to learn together with your whole group, yet log in from home. 

These workshops are given live via Zoom.

An opportunity for a meaningful mini-clinic / gathering for your group!

The workshops can be as short as 1.5 hours and the fee is very nominal.

Students have the opportunity to purchase further classes (recordings) - proven courses and even a full program, all proven to work wonders for riders' seats, pain relief, confidence levels etc!


OPTION 5: Mini clinics, driving distance only. These clinics are only available within a 120 mile radius and can be one-day clinics instead of the normal 2+. Half day clinics are considered, and must be within a 50 mile radius.

Add ons or options:

Individual Feldenkrais Functional Integration® (Massage table required), Equipe and Passier Saddle fitting, Sprenger bit fitting, public appearances and special presentations, DTM work with horses and in hand-work. Please note that Dave will not provide opinions on a horse or saddle you are considering to   to purchase during clinics - this is a separate service.



Current Schedule:

October 2022: Denmark, Holland

November 2022: Germany 

December 2022: Norway

January 2023: MA, KY, FL

Winter Season: Wellington area

April 2023: MA, NY, Holland

May 2023: Germany 

Early FALL 2023: USA Clinics

Late FALL 2023: Europe Clinics  



Feldenkrais Functional


In addition to mounted lessons, as a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner®, Dave can work with riders & horses (this is not a "treatment", but a movement lesson).