About DMT

Why DTM?

"The skill of hearing nuances for violinist is akin to feeling  for a rider " Unknown

More than any other skill, FEELING determines your success as a rider. And Your Body is Your Instrument.

No amount of riding lessons can replace feel. The fine ability to take in what your horse is communicating, interpret through your senses, and now communicate back to him with both clarity and subtlety. 

DTM rider Charlotte Jorst with Nintendo at CHIO Aachen 2021, achieving personal best in the freestyle of 79.105%.

May Elise Skauvik demonstrates on the Norwegian Warmblood Stallion Kalle. 

Feeling can be learned! And so can our true middle.

We often have an inaccurate self image. DTM helps the body learn where it is in space and in relation to the horse. Above, DTM student May Elise showing improved balance, alignment and feeling.

DTM Teaches You to Feel and Move Fluidly

DTM was developed by Biomechanics expert and FEI professional Dave Thind  to help you unlock your body’s innate wisdom for feeling and movement -- the most crucial skill to your success. Through a groundbreaking combination of Feldenkrais Movement Awareness Training and classical Dressage theory, DTM Courses and Classes offer a complete suite of tools to help you improve your seat, feel what your horse is communicating and improve the effectiveness and clarity of your aids. What’s more, it’s relaxing and enjoyable to do!

Dave Thind, Founder of DTM, on Frisco on the North Sea, Norway.

Buy the DTM Course 

Meant for Your Busy Schedule: When you purchase a DTM Course, it’s waiting for you whenever you’re ready to learn. All you need is a computer or device, comfortable clothes and a few simple props. Your online classroom saves your place and tracks your progress from day one to course completion. Revisit favorite lessons and brush up whenever you wish. 


Connect with Riders Around the World

When you join a live DTM Zoom Series, you’ll take class with riders from around the world (and in many time zones!), all on the same journey towards better riding. You can choose to participate in after class Q&A with Dave Thind or take part in discussions in the DTM Student Facebook Group . It’s always inspiring to connect with other equestrians who share your goals and passion for our sport.

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