Read what Olympic medalists, FEI trainers, medical professionals and riders schooling at all levels have to say about Dave and the Dave Thind Method. 

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Beatrice Boucher,
2018 'Canadian Dressage Rider of the Year', 2018 YR Individual Silver, Freestyle Gold, Team Gold
QC, Can and Wellington, FL

FEI Trainer Sergio de Fiori

So, after a few weeks of discovering new possibilities with DTM, I decided to have some pictures taken riding my 5 yo horse. All my horses are feeling a lot better then a month ago; I believe this is a very powerful method. Thanks a lot Dave Thind. 

Trainer Dilara Drukker

Thank you so much for your help! Due to several injuries to my lower back and pelvis I was struggling to stay centered in the saddle. It felt like my hips were constantly sliding to the left and I had to compensate to make it less visible. After only two DTM sessions I now have completely different feeling in my body! Areas that had been tight and knotted for several years are now free again and I don't have to move in a weird way to stay in the middle of the saddle anymore! I worked out and stretched, but I have never targeted particular areas so specifically and yet in such a strain-free manner before. THANK YOU!!

American Grand Prix Rider J.J. Tate

I just wanted to thank you again for including me in your classes on Monday night! I have been really working on my front X & my breathing through my upper rib cage and it is really helping my riding! So thank you!!! 

Grand Prix Trainer Amy Speck-Kern

Waiting out the lightning and reflecting on another great online lesson with Dave Thind yesterday. One of the most common issues we see with riders when they come to try sales horses (pros and aas alike actually), is a vice-grip from hip to heel. I think we can all understand that this comes from a place sometimes of fear, but often one of trying too hard to be perfect or to “fix” something. Horses really don’t like this though...most of them just become duller, or move smaller and smaller until an 8 mover becomes a 6. I strongly recommend Dave’s online classes, that focus on allowing movement through the whole body (the same throughness we want from our horses), learning about balance and symmetry, and taking time to slow down and feel.  I’ve always thought “feel” couldn’t be taught, but I might be changing my tune! 

Olympian and American GP Rider, Cesar Parra

"I would like to thank Dave Thind for his help improving my most important riding tool, my seat. You have to experience the Dave Thind Method for yourself to realize how profoundly it can help. Already with my first session I felt ave saw a big difference on and off my horses! 

Every little detail makes a great difference in the happy response of our horses to the training we give to them. All of this will be impossible without the best seat and posture we could have. Dave has definitely helped me on this. He is effective and honest.

'To make the impossible possible, the possible easy, and the easy beautiful'. The quote is by Dr. Moshe Fekdenkrais who inspired Dave’s work. Dave is also a very experienced rider and certified German Trainer. I would like to recommend you go try one of his unmounted classes, or get a private session with him."

American Team Rider, Charlotte Jorst

“I was skeptical at first, but the Dave Method works without a doubt! Both unmounted and while I rode Nintendo, Dave’s advice was insightful and spot-on, based on scientific and classical riding principles. In one session alone, I felt dramatic improvement to my posture and ease in way of moving plus I refound a deeper more supple seat. My legs were freed of extra tension which allowed my legs to hang softly and my hips to move better. My hips felt better and Nintendo’s walk, which had recently been not how I wanted it, dramatically improved and got me back on track ( 2 full points higher at the next show). In person or online, give it a try, you will certainly learn and improve something”. UPDATE: For the past several months, Charlotte has been taking private sessions with Dave every Tuesday.  And in July 2020, she achieved her personal best in GP and Grand Prix Freestyle with Nintendo ( 75.7 & 83%!)

Mari Hafstad, Equine Physiotherapist and Trainer


"To do something for myself, and my riding before 2020 I decided to take the The Dave Thind Method online course before Christmas.  I immediately noticed great improvement in the pelvis and lower back! I do a little bit every day, and I absolutely feel a difference. It can get tense again after long work days, but I can now loosen the lower back/pelvic/sacral area by myself, with these techniques. That's pretty good!! I can clearly feel a positive difference in my horse. He feels more easy to balance and lighter in his body as a result of the improved balance! Recommended to all riders who want to become more aware of and improve their seat!" UPDATE after completing Module 3 " I have had an issue with my sacrum for 7 years, and after doing Spine Like a Chain I'm healed! Really. Ive seen many people for this, and this is the only thing that has helped. In addition, I had not seen my trainer in a while and he immediately noticed the difference. Also due to this course, I've really figured out how to ask for flying changes without my very sensitive horse getting upset.  In fact, yesterday was the first time EVER I had such good canter departures and flying changes!"

Stacy Gormley Brass; Grand Prix Rider and Trainer


"I can't express enough how much the Dave Thind Method has helped my body to recover from injury and then maintain my body as a professional rider riding many horses per day.  I have been a professional for 18 years now and was feeling the effects of the compression on my back and neck area. Even though I received chiropractic care weekly along with regular massage work, I had resigned myself to the thought that I would most likely deal with chronic back and neck pain for the rest of my life and that the damage done was irreparable. I'm so glad I was pointed in the direction of trying the Dave Thind Method!!! After just one session, my lower back and neck began feeling relief. I repeated this module several times when I developed light pain, each time it worked like magic!!!  I went from a rider worried about never being able to ride again and feeling like I had to consider surgery to a confident FEI rider, back in the saddle again!” stated USDF Gold Medalist Stacy Brass. 


 “My only regret was not trying this method before my injury, even though I had heard of it. Now that I’m through the pain, this same method provides me tools to advance my riding.  I feel myself and my horses more clearly and accurately. Through this, I easily have access to the slightest of nuances.  Cool stuff! Thank you Dave!!!!” 

Cindy Ishoy, 4X Olympian from Canada. Team Dressage Bronze, 4th Individual '88 Seoul Olympics

" This method makes total sense.  It is based on a solid foundation in German classical riding and uses innovate ideas from the field of neuro-muscular programming, more specifically the Feldenkrais Method. Traditionally, longe lessons and school masters play a large role in teaching a rider about feeling and the correct seat. These days, people don't easily have  access to lunge lessons or true schoolmasters. This is what makes Dave’s work so great! Riders can in the comfort of their own home, learn through feeling, about moving their bodies in a supple, flowing yet effective way.  They can then replicate this feeling while riding, avoiding unnecessary mistakes and lost time due to tension and misunderstandings between horse and rider. The method also serves to improve already great riders and horses.  Also,  I would definitely add that it can help injured riders as well.  "

Lauren Dembkoski Adelizi - Doctor of Chiropractic Medecine and FEI rider


I first took a clinic with Dave in 2013. A number of things impressed me about Dave personally and professionaly. Dave has several talents. He is not only able to immediately discern the struggles of each rider and horse, but he is able to draw from his experiences from several areas to solve long term problems. Dave has pursued degrees in the Feldenkrais method - I often reccomend Feldenkrais to patients in my chiropractic practice as a tool to understand where your body is in space and to make cognitive corrections to change how your body moves in space. Dave is a pioneer in marrying a technique that teaches body awareness to riders. He is on the cusp of a huge movement that is going to sweep the dressage world, as we better understand how our physical body can be changed through cognitive methods. He has furthered my understanding of the changes that I can make in my body to be a better rider. I strongly recomend that you investigate the Dave Thind Method.

Dr. Hollis Day

Head of Geriatrics, Boston Medical

“You have to experience it to believe it. I have first-hand, witnessed and experienced powerful, undeniable and almost unbelievable improvement in both posture and motor function using the Dave Thind Method,” attested Dr. Hollis Day. Dr. Day, who is head of Geriatrics at Boston Medical, is a lifelong hunter/jumper competitor that now trains and competes in dressage.

“Dave’s highly advanced knowledge of anatomy, biomechanics and how humans learn is something every rider can benefit from," she added.

Christoph Hess; Director of Training and Education at the German Equestrian Federation


"Dave Thind holds a ‘Trainer A’ license from the German Equestrian Federation.  This high level degree is a level III, the highest possible, and one step higher than the ‘Bereiter’ title.   An International Level III means certification as a Master Instructor.  This level of certification allows Dave to act as an ambassador for both the principles and correct application of the German classical system of training. The panel of judges was thoroughly impressed by Dave's abilities as an instructor and awarded him an almost perfect score."

Monica Theodorescu; German Olympic Team Trainer, 3x Olympic Gold Medalist


"I have met Dave Thind as a rider who approaches his horse with respect and fairness.  As a German certified trainer, Dave has learned to work horses according to the training scale and is always focused on the correct and efficient seat and application of the aids."

Stephanie Roy; Osteopath D.O.

Montreal, QC

"As an Osteopath, I'm always interested in considering problems from a cause and effect perspective. That’s why I was so impressed by Dave's methods that are based on much more than just an impressive knowledge of human and horse anatomy and biomechanics; Dave also has a deep understanding of cause and effect.  For example, within minutes, he can point-out why a long-term issue with your shoulders is actually coming from a small detail in your pelvis. Seat problems quickly vanish, as do many instances of faulty-seat created stiffness or pain.


With Dave, you will experience an incredible feeling of liberation when acute problems that other trainers have either ignored or have simply been unable to fix are dealt with once and for all. Even problems that you have been trying to fix for years are quickly remedied, with minimal effort! And like magic, your horse who you thought was naturally heavy on the forehand, crooked, laterally stiff or even slightly off, suddenly becomes light, supple, straight and happy. Cause and effect; Dave has simply become an expert.  If you get the chance to ride with Dave, you will marvel at how big problems have small and easy solutions."

Coagi Long; Vice President & Program Director of Equine Affaire


"We are pleased to feature Dave as a presenter at Equine Affaire this fall. Equine and equestrian biomechanics are topics that are quickly growing in popularity with our attendees. Dave's diverse global background coupled with his expertise on classical theory and the applied science of how horses and riders function both individually and as a team make him a great choice for our educational program."

Janice Dulak; Creator of Pilates for Dressage®


"As a Pilates for Dressage instructor, author and clinician, I was excited to read about Dave Thind and his expertise in biomechanics. I recently traveled 6 hours and had the opportunity to ride in a clinic with him. I found that while it is obvious he holds classic principles dear, he also brings a fresh, exciting perspective to the arena. Horses and riders are not just served up ‘more inside leg’ but rather they are challenged, within their ability, to find a different approach that will ultimately serve to create a top notch classical horse-rider combo. Dave's background in Feldenkrais and biomechanics lend an extra edge to the lesson or when he rides. He is keenly aware of any tightness or asymmetry in either horse or rider and can effectively address the problem on the spot. Dave's riding also brings out the best in the horse through the thorough understanding of the use of his own body to influence the horse’s body. Dave Thind is truly a rising dressage star; I look forward to hosting a clinic with Dave and to what Dave will bring the US dressage community."

Lisa Seretto improves uneven leg issue in 1 session

I have been struggling with my position due to hip pain from an old injury for a few years. Injections relieved most of the pain but my body's pattern for guarding against pain in the saddle caused crookedness. I had a sense of what was wrong but I could not improve. My stirrup leathers were 2 different lengths but I still didn't feel even. I arranged an unmounted session with Dave. I gained new insight into the cause of my problem. After that one session, I went to the barn. I warmed up without my stirrups and much to my surprise, once I picked them up I had to lengthen my right stirrup! It had been more than 2 years since my stirrup leathers were on the same holes. My legs felt soft and even and I sat quietly. It didn't require physical effort, I simply thought about the concepts Dave explained to me. Three days later I had a lesson. My trainer was delighted to see how relaxed I was. I am pretty sure that my horse was delighted too!

Alexandra Myhren, Certified German 'Trainer A'

Arudal, Norway

"In January 2008 I attended the first weekend clinic with Mr. Dave Thind at the Norwegian Agricultural University, and I myself have arranged many clinics with him.  I am impressed by Mr. Thind's pedagogic approach towards both horse and rider. He is just as engaged towards the novice rider as towards the high level competition rider, and that has been a part of his fast growing reputation in Norway.


His in-depth study of the biomechanics of the rider gives him knowledge to help the rider to solve problems regarding their seat and influence of their aids. I have myself gained much help by his expert  body awareness exercises and seat focused lessons, and I use many of the same tools with my own students with great success. Mr. Dave Thind has a unique skill to see exactly what the individual horse and rider needs to work on to get to the next level, and in what way to explain it.    It seems like he has tools for every individual problem and situation. There is always a great development, smiling riders and satisfied horses after each lesson.


On behalf of me and the other clinic participants we deeply recommend Mr. Dave Thind. We are grateful and honored to get a trainer of his caliber to Norway."

Mary Elise Skauvik; FEI Rider and Trainer

Trondheim, Norway

"He is an amazing coach who has a knack for reaching into you, and he finds a solution to almost anything. He also thoroughly explains his reasons for doing what he does! He is without a doubt one of the most talented coaches I have ever ridden for. With this help, I have gained a new understanding of the impact of the seat and helping aids and this has allowed me to bring my riding to new heights."

Janniche Lund-Teigås; German Certified 'Trainer B'

Trondheim, Norway

"I have ridden all kinds of horses since I was a little girl, and my heart is where the horse is. The last 15 years I have competed showjumping, dressage and eventing with a lot of success, but my riding had previously been a lot of arms and legs. I met Dave Thind in 2003. He felt I had a nice soft way of riding and was already on the right path towards a correct seat. After this comment I worked even more on improving my seat with a lot with self-centering, body awareness, which improved balance and the "feel". After some lessons with Dave he really took me to another level on this stage, and my seat and riding have improved a lot! My horses got a lot more flow and swing to their movement and also became much more uphill! 


I also use Dave’s advice and techniques for my own students to help them understand how to correctly ride from the seat. Also upon Dave’s recommendation and help, I completed both Trainer C and B and A education/exams in Germany. My stable hopes to continue cooperation with Dave in the future so even more riders can benefit from his help! Absolutely recommended!"

Billie Derouet; Grand Prix Jumper

Quebec and Belgium

"Dave has been my best coach in dressage. Even if I was young, he was able to explain every single detail to make everything work like riding was easy. I just had to listen to him, do what he was telling me to do, and it worked.  Dave is a hard worker, perseverant and passionate. I love his way of thinking for training a horse, he is patient and always finds a great solution for your problems plus he is very professional and more than anything, a horse lover. With him as a coach, I won so many classes and awards and he helped me to grow in my riding. He made the difference to make the step to go to the next level! So if you want to be at the top level, learn a lot, have success in competition and become a better person and athlete, go for Dave Thind.   Thank you again for everything!"

Morten Wasmuth; Grand Prix Rider


"For the rider that is ready to learn about what really makes riding interesting, Dave has valuable knowledge.  Dave teaches important techniques, details and methods that will dot all I’s and cross all T’s." 

Silje Solberg; Dressage Trainer


"This was the first time I felt a horse’s movement flow in a soft and rhythmical way through my ankles, knees and hips, all the way up my spine, and then finally back like a wave – this without hardly moving." 

Miriam Offermanns; Certified German 'Trainer C'

Atlanta, GA; based in Dusseldorf, Germany

"Coming from a family of Chiropractors, I was thoroughly impressed by Mr. Thind’s  expertise of human bio-mechanics and his training methods. After only one lesson, I could already feel my horse’s movement improve and our communication enhanced. Dave seemed to spot any communication problems within minutes and helped re-train our bodies to complement our horse’s movement instead of hindering it. He is a one of a kind trainer with a unique blend of techniques and I would recommend him to any serious to rider. I can't wait for Mr. Thind to come teach our next clinic!"

Jennie Marcusson


"Thanks Dave for the days of training at Cape, Sweden! As always you surprise me with your talent and sharp eye. And always it pays off to train with you! I won Lamicell Cup on Cappucino and will ride the final at Equality line horse show."

Jennifer Peters

British Columbia; based in Belgium

"I met Dave for the first time in Spain at a catch riding Nations’ Cup and I had the pleasure of being on the Canadian team with him. From watching Dave ride over three days, I saw right away that his style is very correct and he can make a difficult ride look easy. It was very exciting for me to watch Dave ride and I was pleased to get a lot of advice before I rode. Dave’s positive way of speaking was a delight; I really enjoyed critiquing my rides with him because he told me what I did well and what he thought I could improve on in a very positive and motivating manor. From our conversations, it is very evident that Dave is extremely knowledgeable.  He is talented and kind to horses. His approach is to work with the horse, rather than force the horse to do what you want it to do. I would absolutely love to have lessons with Dave on my own horse because he is an awesome trainer and coach, and one of the nicest people in this competitive sport. In the future I plan to organize a clinic with Dave in BC so that I can train with him."

Lotta Bramfelt


"When I met Dave I had started to ride again after 25 years out of the saddle. In just a few lessons Dave showed me the keys to a balanced and effective seat. To have a lesson with Dave is something magical. He has the ability to show you how to use your seat and body in a correct way, and how to get the right feeling for yourself and the horse. When he guides you to tune in to the horse with your body and seat something fantastic happens. A lesson with Dave is a breakthrough experience. Dave is a true horseman, a wonderful rider and teacher. He loves horses, people and to teach. He teaches you the classical principles, how to ride your horse in a relaxed and natural way. I am truly grateful for what Dave has given me as a rider. I recommend him as a teacher and coach with all of my heart. Thank you Dave!"

Silje Bjørnevik


"Dave Thind is a trainer who really gave me some good tools for my riding. On my first lesson he gave me a much better awareness of how I was using my body than any trainer had done before him. Mr. Thind is an expert of seeing those little things that make a big difference, things that I had never thought about or never had been told to change before I rode for him. In many ways, it felt like a revelation, because he made things that I found difficult before, suddenly appear as easy to me. He also gave me back my confidence as a rider as he always stays positive and made me see new ways to go instead of focusing on my old mistakes.


Riding for Dave Thind is a pleasant experience, because you ride the horse in a way that makes sense to a horse. You learn how to ride the horse over the back and into the contact using your seat and legs. There is no rein-pulling or use of force, and the horse becomes self-carrying, willing to work for its rider and is able to build a correctly muscled top-line.


Dave Thind is a thorough trainer, he makes sure both rider and horse get all the right things in place before he moves on to another level. He tells you what to do, but also why you are supposed to do so. If I do not understand, he always has another way to explain it to me. He is an expert of seeing what the individual horse and rider need to improve.


I would recommend every rider to try out a lesson for Dave Thind, no matter the discipline of choice."

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Lawrence Authier
Eventing and Dressage Trainer
QC, Canada
89 yo Retired Dressage Judge Jane Sheehan regains posture, strength and stability in 45 minutes!  No video needed with these photos!
IMG_1163 2.JPG
Josiane Richer
FEI rider QC, Can
Diane Borgsteede in FL arrived to clinic in pain and spasm and easily finds relief in one session
German Dressage rider Sabine before and after one session
*Video is in German
Jemimah, FEI rider and trainer, Veterinary medicine student Adelaide, AUS
Kimmie Taylor
 Third level rider, FL
Relief from Chronic pain and long standing symmetry issues