6-month Metamorphosis for the perfectionist.

For the perfectionist.

6-month Metamorphosis



Includes 60-Days to Improve Your Dressage Seat

Once monthly private or video review with Dave ($1050)

Includes 3 additional DTM courses

Month 3:DTM Skeletal Strength ($279)

Month 4: DTM Good Hands Solid On Your Feet & Supple in Your Seat($279)

Month 5: Lightness and Harmony ($279)

BONUS: Once you have completed the 6 months, to keep you going, you will not need new material BUT you will be given access to 3 more DTM courses!

DTM Youthful Body Tone, a DTM class for Strength, Stability & Springiness!

DTM Stretch Your Riding to the Next Level 

DTM Pelvic Floor Series 

All this material is yours to keep, and should keep you improving for years to come.


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